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Toddler Room

(12-24 mths old & 24-36 mths old or 18-36 mths old- age depending on location)

Our toddler program focuses on building a positive environment where children can grow, make new discoveries, and have fun. Toddlers learn self-help skills, build language, and begin to share, follow directions, play and learn from others. We staff our 18/24-36 month toddler room 6 toddlers to 1 teacher.  Our 12-24 month room is staffed 4 toddlers to 1 teacher.  A maximum of 12 toddlers in this room allows the children to become more relaxed, autonomous, and able to learn. Children play indoors in their classroom or corridor, and outdoors in their own enclosed playground. Children are encouraged to use all of their senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing) as they gather information about their world.

Our child-centered curriculum in the toddler room allows the children to individually choose the activities in which they are interested. These activities are focused on the children becoming more in tune with their world through looking, listening, communicating, discovering, and problem solving. Gross motor (climbing, sliding, etc.), fine motor (puzzles, stacking cups, pegs, etc.), books, music, art, dramatic play and sensory activities are available throughout the day. Independence is a desired goal for toddlers and is nurtured through their participation in self-help skills such as toilet training (dressing/undressing), serving and cleaning up at snack and lunchtime.

Learning activities and curriculum

Teachers in the toddler room use The Creative Curriculum®, by Diane Trister Dodge, to guide curriculum decisions in their classrooms. This curriculum guide is now in its 4th edition with recommendations by many well-known experts in the field of early childhood education. We have found it to be right in line with our own theory of best practice in working with young children. You will find a copy of The Creative Curriculum® in our parent resource lending library if you are interested in finding out more!

Our teachers

Our program for toddlers builds autonomy through individualized attention and a nurturing environment.

We're happy to answer any questions you have about the toddler room. Call us today!