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At Hamilton Heights we strongly believe children are unique individuals whose ideas, interests and skills flourish in an environment where play is the primary context for learning and daily activities are appropriate for each child’s individual development.


We further believe that meaningful learning involves active, hands-on experiences and participation.  Therefore, through our curriculum, we provide each child a personalized educational experience to support and develop their maximum potential in their social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth.  We are committed to enhancing children’s self-esteem through daily interactions, developmentally appropriate experiences, and relationships based on mutual trust and respect; we promote the development of the whole child.


Hamilton Heights aims to equip the children with the life skills that will enable them to experience fulfilling and rewarding participation within their community, through providing opportunities to work together cooperatively, to explore human relationships and to practice non-violent conflict resolution strategies.

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Our goals are outlined for children, families, and teachers. These goals are incorporated into every aspect of our program

Program Goals

We focus on helping each child grow into a fully fledged, mindful citizen with confidence and knowledge.

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Learning to live with others in the “here and now” world and learning to better understand this world will help children succeed in their present environment, prepare them for future environments and give children an advantage as they continue to grow.


We strive to build a nurturing community, drawing upon a three-way relationship of teacher, parent, and child.  We believe that open

communication is key to monitoring a child’s educational progress and success.


We consider each family unique in its structure, culture and values, and respect the special relationship between children and their families. We recognize our teachers as our most prominent resource and find it very important to provide them with a safe and satisfying work environment.  We believe that together the teachers and the parents create a partnership that provides for the best interests of young children and families.


Above all, we believe that all children are individuals in their own right.  They grow and learn at their own rate, but learning becomes meaningful only when they feel good about themselves.  At Hamilton Heights we focus on helping each child develop a positive self-image and make certain that they feel loved, valued and enjoyed.

Goals For Our Children

•  To learn about themselves and Express their independence

•  To learn about their feelings and express them appropriately

•  To learn about others and develop relationships

•  To learn about communicating

•  To learn about moving and doing

•  To acquire thinking skills and an understanding of concepts and problem solving

•  To exhibit a positive attitude toward life

•  To acquire concepts & information leading to a fuller understanding of the immediate world

Goals For Working With Families


•  To build a partnership with families

•  To support families in their parenting role

•  To support families in their roll of primary educators of their child

•  To ensure that home cultures of the children's families are reflected in the program

Goals For Our Teachers

•  To build responsive relationships with children and their families

•  To plan and manage a developmentally appropriate program

•  To nurture and facilitate each child's emotional, physical, intellectual, and social growth

•  To help the child develop social skills

•  To help build a positive self-image for the child

•  To To encourage independence and decision making skills

•  To stimulate language development

•  To encourage exploration & curiosity by offering a variety of stimulation experiences

•  To encourage free & creative expression through materials

•  To continue learning about children, families, and the field of early childhood education

•  To maintain professional standards

•  To be an advocate in support of children & families